Redefining an American Dream

Today, I woke up and realized I re-defined my American Dream.

No longer are we ‘stereotypical’ Americans working to pay off our debt, to fund a bigger house and nicer car.  In fact, we have left it all behind.  One and a half years ago, we sold most of our possessions, stored the rest and headed off to the unknown abyss of creating and living our version of this dream.

The stereotypical American dream has become owning a lot of stuff.  Consumerism is the economic basis of the US and we decided to opt-out of the never ending cycle.  We sold most of our ‘stuff’ and traded it for experience and adventure.  We packed the remaining things we had in suitcases, headed to the airport and hoped that everything worked out in our favor.

2nd Generation Dreamer

That is what immigrants coming to the US hope and feel as well.  I know.   My family is an example of this.  My parents moved our family to the US from Poland over 30 years ago in search of opportunity.  They left an extended family and support system in Poland for the possibility to better their lives economically.  They didn’t know the language. They had no guarantee.  There was doubt, but there was a very strong will to make it work.  That was their dream.

Did they achieve their American Dream?

Yes…and I’m proof of it.  By taking the chance of moving their family to a foreign country, my father and mother have given their children enormous amounts of opportunity to become and do whatever we wish.  All four of their children went to college and are successful by their own definitions.

Same Dream – Different Approach

And I am doing the same, but differently.  My American Dream extends beyond America.  The world has changed into a rich, global, multifaceted and easily accessible place.  My Dream is to give ourselves and our children the opportunity to be globally educated, thus giving all of us a rich experience and more global opportunity.  We want to travel and immerse ourselves in culture, language and food.  We want our children to know something other than consumerism.  The diversity we are experiencing on a day to day level cannot be taught in traditional schools.  These experiences are going to shape and mold us into amazing global citizens.

King American Dream

Our Global Home

There are ideals that we are not willing to sacrifice to achieve these.  My parents sacrificed a lot of time to make money.  We have leveraged our time to make money.  They sacrificed new experiences because of fear, whereas we calculate our risks and jump right in.  So we’ve come up with a few priorities that we use as guidelines on our adventure.

The King American Dream Priorities

  • Time over money
  • Children over Business
  • Adventure over Fear-based Stagnation
  • Experiences over Excuses
  • People over Stereotypes

We aren’t perfect in achieving these all the time.  We give it our best effort, just like my parents gave it their best effort.  I thank my immigrant parents for bringing me to the US, where I was able to grow up and think independently.  I am grateful for my US Passport.  Right now, it is the key to my American Dream.

Livin’ the Not-So-American Dream

Stick with us as we explore this great globe of ours.  You can follow us on Facebook.

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