Chicken Drop in San Pedro

A visit to Ambergris Caye is not complete without the world famous Chicken Drop at Wahoo’s Lounge.  Last night we experienced this phenomenon that entertained adults and children alike.  A combination of chickens, good-hearted gambling and lots of yelling.

Chicken Drop Stage

The Chicken Drop Stage

Chicken Drop Details

Where and When

The Chicken Drop is held every Thursday starting at 6pm at Wahoo’s Lounge.  With a location just south of the central park in San Pedro and right on the beach, it provided a great place to spend the evening. The live band was incredible. I thought it was a DJ but was wonderfully surprised when I realized it was live!  Our kids had fun dancing, playing in the sand and watching the chickens.

The Drinks

2 for 1 drinks on Rum Punch.  Rum is plentiful on this island and 2 for 1 specials make it exceedingly attractive to drink more of it.  And since we lack will power, we indulged.

What the heck is a Chicken Drop?

We wanted to know too!  The Chicken Drop is a fun event where people buy numbers on a board to see if a chicken in a ring defecates on it.  If the chicken poops on your number…you win!

The stage for the Chicken Drop is a net-enclosed 10 x 10 grid marked with numbers from 1 to 100.  Each square is purchased for $1 bz.  Tickets go on sale at 6 pm and the Drop starts at 7 pm, with one drop every 20 minutes. If the chicken poops on your square, you win $100 bz!

One person is chosen to toss the chicken in, but first they must move it in a circle three times, raise its tail feathers and blow in its butt for good luck.  The chicken is tossed on the stage and that is when the crowd takes over.

The Crowd

The crowd, numbers in hand, cheers on the chicken, encouraging it to move nearer their square.

Crowd at the Chicken Drop on Ambergris Caye

The crowds yells and tries to coax the chicken to poop on their square

If the first chicken’s bowel movements are taking too long, some enticing corn is thrown into the ring to help speed things along.  If that still doesn’t work, another chicken is put into the ring.  When the chicken poops, that number wins $100 bz and is most likely buying the next set of drinks for their friends.

Chicken Drop Chicken

Chicken Drop Chicken

The Winner

The “winner winner chicken dinner” doesn’t get to take the chicken home…but they do have the responsibility to clean up the poop or hire someone to do it for them for a 35% share of the winnings.  All the winners decided to clean the poop themselves.

Cleaning up Chicken Poop on Ambergris Caye

The Winner gets $100 after they clean up the chicken poop

How did we fare?

We enjoyed our first Chicken Drop but after purchasing 2 numbers each for 4 rounds, we left $8 bz lighter than when we came in.  Perhaps next week we’ll have better luck!

Enjoy this video from our night

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