Dang to Dangriga

Dear Dangriga,

It’s hard to write a letter like this, but we have to.  We tried to like you, we really did.  We normally see the good in a lot of places, but you did disappoint.  Perhaps we came with expectations. We were warned via our bus breaking down twice on the way to see you. We patiently waited while it got fixed, only to be taken advantage of by a traveling salesman selling meat pies. How did we know we were gringo-ed?  Oh, the smiles and laughter of the rest of the bus told us “No one pays that much for meat pies”.

Had we known that the center of town was a 8 minute taxi ride away, we would have utilized that option, but we didn’t know. We got excited seeing the statue of the big Garifuna Drums.

Finally, we got to see your wide streets filled with shops selling cheap, Chinese rejected goods. If not Chinese stores, then mattresses. How many mattresses can you really sell in Dangriga…are there that many beds?

Your beach? Blah. Your selection of restaurants leaves much to be desired. Why do you only have 2 Belizian restaurants in town and the rest Chinese, aren’t we in Belize?  And why oh why are they VERY uninspiring?  Thank you for suggesting that the ants on the outside of my glass might be Belizian sugar. They weren’t. We’re so sorry, but we just didn’t have a great experience.

Your tagline is “the culture capital” of Belize, did we miss it all?  We loved the Garifuna culture that we experienced in Hopkins, but here we saw more Chinese culture than anything else. Where was the drumming? All we heard was heavy rap coming from loud speakers lining the streets.

You weren’t all bad.  The gem in the center of town called The Bluefield Lodge was an oasis. Louise created a sense of warmth and authenticity to your vibe that we appreciated.  Her little hotel was the best part of Dangriga.

You even spited us when we tried to catch the 8am express bus out of your town, only to be the first people to NOT make it on the nice, air conditioned bus. Instead, we took the old school bus back to Belize City and the Water Taxi back to the white sands of Ambergris Caye.  Home.

We know this isn’t what you want to hear, but it was our experience. Many have visited you and enjoyed their time…we simply did not, but are glad that we got to visit. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be back and we won’t miss you, dang it.

With sincerity,

The Kings

Heading out of Dangriga

Heading out of Dangriga

Photos of Dangriga

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