Applause for Life (and Chocolate)

I just got home from a sexy chocolate party at Alchemy, a raw food & juice hangout for all the health food eclectics in Ubud. They were celebrating their one year anniversary and the party was a packed, smashing success. There was dance music, acro-yoga performances, raw chocolate, cold pressed coffee and multi-faceted people expressing their selves.

After writing that, I realized that I just went to a party of all the stuff I love.

And I got home, crazy hyped up on raw chocolate with fingers flying, ready to write something, anything, that would express just how I feel living this life. So, before the sugar is done running through my body, here is my rush of words.

I’d like to stand up and give Life applause.

Not the applause you give after a performance commending the actor’s good job. I’m not commending my performance on creating this life, although I fully take responsibility for it: the wild flying great parts and the stressful parts.

I’m talking about the silent applause that is given when you sit back, look at the little things and feel an immense sense of gratitude and contentment. The mental clapping for the way the energies of this world have worked to choreograph the experiences and interactions that shape who you are and what your life looks like.

So, Listen to the Applause.

The greatest applause in my mind is the miracle of life itself. There are times when we tend to forget about the scores of the details that make life possible for us, but my children are a great reminder. The detailed components of life become clear to me when I look at my children and see the joyful energy, wonder and expansion of them. The hugs from Miss I when she says “Oh, mama” are encompassing. They make me feel good that I spent a majority of the day with them. I am constantly delighted at the small successes that give G delight, like the challenges he takes on himself in the pool. I’m there for them, but they are there for me.

This is my lesson and my children are my greatest teachers. Applause!

Teacher, Mirror and Life-affirming Coach: Miss I

Teacher, Mirror and Life-affirming Coach: Miss I

Secondary on my list of applause is the lens that I’ve chosen to look through. From my eyes, there is opportunity and growth in everything. Good and crappy stuff happens to us and we learn from it and move on. Some people don’t move on, they linger in their pity and hope others join the party by agreeing with them or feeling sorry for them. It’s a convenient thing to do, but you learn nothing. When you blame others, you take no responsibility for yourself. I’ve chosen to take responsibility for it all. It’s easy to be responsible and proud for the great things that happen in life, but owning up to the crappy stuff that may still affect your life is hard. Really hard. Mr. King and I have had our share. But we’ve grown from it because we observed the opportunity and lessons that it provided us. Bad mistake. Lesson learned. We’re hurt. Growth happens. It’s uncomfortable. But necessary. Applause. We’re more aware now.

Mind your lens of perception wisely.

Happiness depends on your which lens you are looking though.

Happiness depends on your which lens you are looking though.

My work life has recently entailed more hours than I normally work. I’ve been busy redesigning one site while my super awesome branding expert (scratch that…I totally fired him) is working on making the company rise above the noise of lesser brands. We’re going to knock it out of the ballpark, but it requires a lot of time, thought and research. I work M-W-F during the morning hours and one hour after lunch. You’ll also find my typing away or browsing after the kids go to bed. I like working. It’s playful for me…most times.

I’ve learned a lot from my journey of starting and owning an online business. I’m a successful self-taught online entrepreneur. This is knowledge that I must share. This past month I started an online business owners meet up in Ubud. The group is rapidly growing and I’m happy to share my knowledge and ideas with them and be inspired by their successes. Sharing knowledge = awesome!

Yoga deserves a silent reverence from me for allowing me to learn to express myself in a loving form. I find yoga an ultimate challenge in physical, mental and spiritual fitness, but I never consider it a work out. It’s just part of my lifestyle. I currently go to yoga 2 days a week, but plan my usual 3 days/wk soon (after the web redesign is done).

4 letters to transform your life: y-o-g-a

4 letters to transform your life: y-o-g-a

The sugar rush is waning and I hope you’ve been able to read my ramblings and think about YOU as well.

YOUR life deserves APPLAUSE.

Remind yourself of one little detail (the soft curl of your daughter’s hair, the rich glass of red wine ready to be sipped lovingly, the perfect rise of foam on a cappuccino) and realize that all of it, the tiniest details, deserve applause. Get up, stand up and show it like you mean it.

And next time Alchemy has a sexy chocolate party, I will put on my short skirt, coconut oil my legs and get there in time for the free chocolates. And when the creaminess of the chocolate slowly melts in my mouth causing my tongue to linger on the rich smoothness, I will give a standing ovation in my high heeled shoes.

Because, if you can’t applaud chocolate…well, I just ran out of words for that!

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